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An Interesting Observation
me again
dclarion wrote in rationis
I just came in from hauling miscellaneous stones and broken bricks away from the farmstead.  In the process, I noticed something interesting.  Near the corner of this block, there stands the remains of a garage, once filled to overflowing with old tires and other junk.  Very recently (within the last couple of days), someone closed its doors and nailed a 2"x4" across them.  Two lots away, a property owner erected a wall to block the way to a gaping hole that was once a stablehouse.

The very interesting thing about this is that I have attracted a good bit of attention since last September, when I began work on the farmstead.  Some people stood slack-jawed as I hacked at tree roots with an axe, others spoke with me, asking questions of me while I shoveled the soil.  The garage and the hole stood unchanged but for continued decay for ten years.  Now, this magically changes.

I will, in my humble(?) way, take all the credit.  I surely did not inspire anyone; I'm not the inspirational type.  But the news crews from WPXI and WTAE will surely be here, if only because I'll call them myself.

I think I've actually frightened these sons of a Discordian saint.

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You've started a movement, Diana. Others will come. And follow.

You really are inspiring people to clean up the mess.

That's great! I wonder if they plan improvements? Keep it up D!

It's hard to tell whether you're inspiring people to clean up, or just inspired people to keep that crazy urban farmer out of their property.

Either way, it's progress. That's three pieces of property that aren't being ignored anymore.

The latter, surely. I had been eying the property two lots away, and had cut down a couple of weed trees. Then, magically, somebody shows up and starts doing work. You do the math.

it's remarkable, and a little startling just how *fast* it happened.

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