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And Away We Go
me again
dclarion wrote in rationis
My crocuses are blooming in force, and I've put in the first of the spring-planted food.

Along with the garlic in the foreground, there is now (middle, left to right) green cabbage, red cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and romaine.  I believe that I want to get another 9-pack each of broccoli and romaine, and a couple of 9-packs of spinach.  I still have designs on onions in the garlic row, and tomatoes and beans in the row I'm finishing off.

I have been informed by several of the ghetto denizens that they want to share my harvest.  Ain't happening.  This is MY dinner.  They can stare slack-jawed at me working out here if they want to.

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How will you keep them from raiding you during the night? Like deer.

that's pretty much my question.

Happily, deer as such aren't a problem here. Raccoons, groundhogs, and opossum are, which means that I will have to set up some sort of deterrent for them. I've been turning my wheels to think of a pest control method that would deter the two-legged variety as well as the four-legged variety. About all I've come up with so far is razor wire, booby traps, WPXI, and offering the Homestead cops the occasional blowjob.

I'm neither above dumping the broken glass and construction rubble in the area just to the other side of the piled straw.

A booby trap that makes a lot of noise and turns on lights would be my choice. Or a motion detector sprinkler. Even if you are the motion detector. If I thought some loser was going to raid my garden, I'd be sitting out there with my hand on the faucet handle.

Are you familiar with the trip wire? You can google it.

Are you inviting these individuals to help you? I suspect you are, but I also suspect they are too lazy.

If you really want something to give away, plant zuchini or cherry tomatoes. You will get so many you will be sick of them.

I was actually trying to figure out how to make a trip wire sort of arrangement work, possibly rigged to a rat trap/ping-pong balls, or those firecrackers you tie to doors (if I could keep it dry). I've also considered scraping up the cash for a simple bow, primarily for the critters, but possibly to be scary-looking to thieves of the night.

It's going to be a while before I have anything worth taking/destroying, so I do have a bit of time to work on this.

Have you checked pawnshops and junkstores and yard sales for a bow? You really should. My mom lives in an area like yours and I got her a great 20 gage shotgun at a pawnshop. The slug is bigger around than any of my fingers and it doesn't kick at all, so little old ladies can fire it.

Not that you can fire at your neighbors, or shoot animals in city limits, but by the time the animals are in mom's bedroom, she can shoot them and they will give her a parade.

A security light might help. A motion detector sprinkler? Are there such things? Sounds like a better idea to me!

I did forget to mention that there is a street lamp at one end of the lot; it does a fair job of lighting the food area.

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