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Back On The Air
me again
dclarion wrote in rationis
Some weeks ago (mid-March, I believe), I shut down the server here for financial reasons. I am pleased to announce that the first of three sites is back up, hosted at Dotster.

Anyone who feels like it may go to to find Res Publica Rationis as it was the day I turned the server off (hopefully, anyway). My personal site and FnordNet main are soon to follow.

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Any new pics of the garden?

Great view I recently hit on your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my incipient comment. I don’t know what todiscloseexcept that I have enjoyed reading. Correct blog. I will keep visiting this blog very each.

If, in the future, rationis goes dark again for whatever reason, I would be pleased to offer you an account on my server. And FnordNet too, and whatever else you like, because unlike my clients, you'd get your own access.

... and clearly this is a two-year-old post that my feed reader barfed forth. Don't mind me.

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